June 22, 2017 RAINED OUT!

Mother Nature wins, Races for tonight June 22 , Werner Electric Night have been cancelled, we will run the Kids Big Wheel race next Thursday June 29 th, Stockbridge Engineering/Joe Schnieder Memorial race with a huge Fireworks display.

2017 FRRC Nightly Order of Events

DRIVERS MEETINGS:6:25pm For inner pits/ 5:45pm for outter pits                         Attendance/representation is MANDATORY Pre-race Order of events 4:30pm sport truck hot laps/qualifying 4:45pm-Super stock hot laps 4:53pm Sizzlin’ 4 hot laps (split into 2 groups) 5:00pm (tentative Outlaw LM practice) 5:05pm Late model (LLM)  practice---hot laps and scuff 5:25pm-Super Late Model practice----hot laps and scuff 5:45pm-Late Model (LLM) qualifying 6:00pm-Super Late model qualifying 6:20pm-Super Stock Qualifying 6:30pm-Sizzlin 4 Qualifying 6:38pm FRRC4Kids presentation/Interview fast qualifiers 6:42pm---6:43pm---National Anthem   Possible special event, depending on night….Big Wheel races and/or Coin Drop 6:45pm -Races start !!!!! Racing Order of Events: (time limits of 1 minute per lap and 2 caution limit are in play for ALL heat races) All divisions must be ready to roll at least one race ahead of time, to keep the program moving. If this doesn’t happen, your race may be skipped.   HEAT RACES (single file restarts for all heats, with increased speed coming out of turn 4) Sport truck heats----8 laps Super stock heats 8 laps SIZZLIN 4 odd/even heats 8 laps Late model (LLM)  heats 8 laps Late Model (LLM) dash 6 laps Super Late model heats 8 laps Super Late model dash 6 laps FEATURES (2 double file/pick a lane restarts for all features and semi’s; none after 5 laps to go….) Super stock semi-feature -12 laps (if needed) Sizzlin 4 semi-feature 8 laps (need 25 or more cars to have a semi feature) (top 4 transfer) Super stock feature 20 laps Sport truck feature 20 laps SIZZLIN 4 FEATURE!!!! 15 LAPS—If more than 25 cars, it is 16 + 4 transfers. If less than 25 cars, no semi and all cars are in the feature.  Inversion is 10 + dice roll (done by the tower) all the rest of the heat cars that qualified into the feature will fall in line behind the inversion---1st restart double file, second restart single file, third caution= POSSIBLE end of race  depending on time limits)     Late Model (LLM) semi-feature 12 laps Super Late Model semi-feature 12 laps   Late Model (LLM) Feature 20 laps   Super Late Model Feature----35 laps Figure Eights 10 laps (Unless more than 10 cars are signed in before the drivers meeting)

From the office of the FRRC President

From the office of the FRRC President
Guys and Gals, just a reminder that you must have your car teched before you hot lap.
I will have one additional tech person to help out on the 1/2 mile. You will be sent back to the pit area if you go onto the track without having your car go through tech.
Jim Duchow

April Meeting Minutes

GENERAL MEETING NOTES DATE:Monday, April 24, 2017TIME: 7 pm PLACE: The Darboy Club President Jim Duchow called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm Clint Smith gave the Secretary’s report. Motion to accept made by, Larry MacArthur seconded by Randy Schuler. Majority of members said “agree”. Nobody said “oppose.” Motion Carried. Pat Roeser gave the Treasurer’s report. We are still having issues getting the correct amount from Bergstrom for their night. We are starting the season off better $$ wise, as we are sending out invoices with the contracts this year and people are sending them back way sooner Motion to accept made by, Gordie Sannes, Jr. seconded by Mike Butz Majority of members said “agree” Nobody was “opposed”. Motion carried. OLD • Officers are meeting with Roger this Thursday at 5th Quarter to discuss various things. • Tire rules updated and will be on the website soon. • Team driving is allowed in ALL divisions this year. It must be submitted by week one directly to the Club Secretary. You must be in the same car and points will go to primary driver. • Jim mentioned for future years, we may want to consider if we are getting anything back for ANY radio advertising. However, we did get more tickets turned in from fan giveaways from DUKE than we did in the past from WAPL. Pat will now mark the ticket giveaways with the emblem (ex: DUKE FM logo right on the ticket) • We are planning on putting about 4 picnic tables in the pits, so people can sit down occasionally. • Jack Effertz came up front and said there will be one extra security staff working this year to help police this. If we catch someone (a crew member), they will be escorted up to pay properly at the top gate. They will not be allowed back in the pits. After week one if this happens, your whole race team will load up and can home. • Also, no more standing on the hill or siting on the grass between Larry and the spotter stand any more, unless you are a spotter. This is so we can police this better. There have seen too many people in the past trying to watch the races for free. • Tom Gee will also be helping enforce the wristbands this year to make sure we don’t have freeloaders. Mike Butz suggested mentioning it at all the drives meetings, which we will do NEW • Jim asked for feedback on where to go for future Fall meetings and as of now, we will be continue having meetings at the 5th Quarter • Jack Effertz came up front about considering possibly adding an Instant Replay option. This would be something to consider for the future, but we are not considering this for this year. We would have to be quick on this during caution laps. The IT person from Kimberly High School would be our expert that could set this up for us. Brad Strelka said Kalamazoo Speedway does it, so if we do go in that direction, we should reach out to them for advice. • We do want to discuss a better spot for the 3rd turn spotter. The current spot is not a good vantage point. We will talk to Roger about this on Thursday. • We still want to try our hardest to get the program done early again this year. • Tech Day is May 6h this year…Tom Gee will be collecting $20 per car. If you JUST want to have your car teched but not run laps, you can come and have us do that for free. We want to keep things rolling this year, as there has been a lot of down time the last few years. • Max Schultz brought up the question about people/travelers coming in and practicing in all day on a Thursday. We will talk to Roger about this. • Randy Schuler asked if we could do a points fund and no plan B this year. Andy Monday also mentioned that he feels this something to re-consider. Jim mentioned that we will talk about it the first couple weeks at driver’s meetings and then take it for a vote at the third meeting. Mike Anthony mentioned that some people liked having the money week to week instead of the end of the year. • Evan Beattie mentioned that the LM tread width looks wrong on the website. Brent Strelka said LM s is supposed to be 66 and Big Eight cars 65. We will look into this. It will be teched the same as last year…we didn’t change it. Adjourn The motion to adjourn was made by Mike Clancy seconded by Chuck Gilbertson Meeting adjourned at 7:49 pm. Next Meeting is on September 25th, 2017 at 7pm location TBD…..likely 5th Quarter


(KAUKAUNA, WISCONSIN) – Fremont’s Dylan Wenzel will be gunning for his fourth super stock title in six years when the Fox River Racing Club kicks off its 42nd year of hosting Thursday night races at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna May 18.   The second-generation driver captured the titles on the quarter-mile paved oval in ’12, ‘13 and ‘16. Last season Wenzel was one of the few drivers in the top ten in points who did not utilize the “team driving” concept with two drivers battling for points. “(The drivers) typically do it if they aren’t available to race every week,” said Wenzel. “It gives them the opportunity to still race for a track championship.”   For 2017 Wenzel will wheel the same car he’s raced for several seasons. “(Our chassis) is a home built car from 2008,” Wenzel said.  “We’ve had pretty good luck with it over the years.”   In chasing a super stock title at WIR the relatively flat, quarter-mile paved oval can prove to be challenging in more ways than one.  “To start with it’s very hard to pass on,” Wenzel admitted. “You have to be able to run on the top, outside groove if you want to get to the front. The features are only 20 laps so there isn’t a lot a lot of time to get through traffic. You’ve really got to pick and choose your moments when you are going to push through the field.”   With passing tough to come by what makes it even tougher is starting deep in the field. Last year Wenzel nailed down seven fast qualifying awards. “With the invert start for the features the fast qualifier rolls the die and that number plus eight is your starting spot if you get fast time,” said Wenzel. “Points are paid to the top ten in qualifying each night. It’s a real toss-up because you have to qualify well because you cannot afford to give up those points. The downside is you start behind all those guys in the feature.”   For Wenzel the quest for another track crown won’t get any easier. “Jessie Van Roy and Craig Vandewettering will be fast again and George Schwalbach and Terry Van Roy too,” Wenzel said of the foes in his division. “I think Alex Seidl will be tough this year. He had been getting quicker and quicker last season. He’s got a bright young future. Andy Casavante is also very tough in our class as well. It won’t be easy.”   Before the Thursday night Thunder opener on May 18 Wenzel will join some of his quarter-mile cohorts by playing on the half-mile with the sportsman in support of the TUNDRA super late model series opener at WIR. “It’s a lot of fun and a completely different animal running that half-mile,” admitted Wenzel. “You don’t realize how fast you’re going until you’re heading into the backstretch going into turn three.”   Racing on the 18th gets underway at 6:45 p.m. The annual FRRC Tech and Practice day will be held Saturday May 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Spectator admission is free that day.   For more information please check the club’s website at frrcracing.net. You can also follow the FRRC on its Facebook page.WENZEL AIMS FOR FOURTH WIR SUPER STOCK TITLE


ATTENTION SPORTS/MOTORSPORTS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BERKEN READY FOR ACTION IN RENAMED “WIR ¼ MILE LATE MODEL CLASS” (Former “Outlaw” class gets new name, new drivers, and six nights in ‘17) (KAUKAUNA, WISCONSIN) – At the age of 65 Pete Berken is no longer looking to set the world on fire. The Appleton native, who spends his winters down in Florida, is considered “the dean” of WIR’s newest class – the ¼ mile late model division. Last year Berken wheeled a 15-year-old Lefthander chassis to victory on the track’s quarter-mile –an oval where Berken held court frequently as a sportsman champion in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Now Berken is attempting to keep late model racing alive and affordable on the smaller oval through this class –which has been renamed from the “Outlaw”division as it was tagged in 2016. “(Jim) Duchow approached me awhile back about bringing an affordable late model class back to the quarter-mile and that essentially is what this is,” Berken explained. “I never bought a new tired all year long last year. We police the shocks at $175 a piece compared to the super late model shocks which can cost closer to $1,000 apiece. The spirit of the rules for this division is to keep it an affordable, entry level late model class.” According to Berken the concept for the ¼ mile late model class is to encourage teams to resurrect older chassis’ laying around and put them back on the track. “We’re also like the sport trucks in that we’re self-sufficient as we don’t cost the club (FRRC) any money on a nightly basis,” Berken explained. “Any prize money we race for, which is minimal, is rounded up through sponsors.” Hank and Karen’s Bar in Appleton, for example, is just one of the division’s sponsors. The full-sized late models look nearly identical to the super late model and late model classes which battle on the bigger, D-shaped half-mile paved oval weekly. Others who plan on fielding cars in the ¼ mile late model class on occasion during the year include Jimmy Wilson of Kaukauna, Chase Randerson of Oshkosh and Green Bay’s Tyler Chambers. Chambers is a graduate from the kart ranks at Hi Go Raceway in Cecil. Chambers will be wheeling a car formerly driven by Norway (MI) Speedway champion Dillion Kralovetz. According to club president Jim Duchow, others who you may see mix it up in the division over the course of the summer include Manitowoc’s Travis Rodewald, Neenah’s Tom Spierowski, Neenah’s Braison Bennett, Tony Chase of Columbus, Nick Van and Todd Buman. Kemkes Racing and the Anthony Brothers Racing team are slated to field ¼ mile late model cars as well. The “1/4 mile late models” will compete during all of the Red, White & Blue championship series races on June 8, July 13 and August 10, along with June 29, July 27 and the season finale August 31. The season opening race for “Thursday Night Thunder” will be May 18, with racing getting underway at 6:45 p.m. The annual FRRC Tech and Practice day will be held Saturday May 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Spectator admission is free that day. For more information please check the club’s website at frrcracing.net. You can also follow the FRRC on its Facebook page. For more information about the division you can contact Berken at 920 915 7630. -end- CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This electronic mail transmission and any accompanying documents contain information belonging to the sender which may be confidential and legally privileged. This information is only for the use of the individual or entity to whom this electronic mail transmission was intended. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution, or action taken in reliance on the contents of the information contained in this transmission is strictly prohibited. If you have received this transmission in error, please immediately contact the sender and delete the message. Thank you.

March Meeting Minutes

GENERAL MEETING NOTES DATE:  Monday, March 27, 2017 TIME:  7 pm PLACE: The Darboy Club President Jim Duchow called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm  Clint Smith gave the Secretary’s report.  Daryl Hess mentioned that LM drivers want 4 tires the first week, then rotating between 2 tires and then 1 tire and continue that way for the rest of the season.  Motion to accept made by George Korth, seconded by Mike Butz   .  Majority of members said “agree”. Nobody said “oppose.” Motion Carried. Pat Roeser gave the Treasurer's report.    Motion to accept made by Rob Vandermoss, seconded by Gordie Sannes Jr.   Majority of members said “agree” Nobody was “opposed”. Motion carried. OLD
  • Sport Truck contract will be signed tonight by all officer
  • Hauser Benefit: FRRC is donating a season pass and  W.I.R. is also donating a season pass.
Terry Korth inquired as to how many passes Roger can donate for passes which include our events? Pat mentioned that we do try to keep tabs on this and are ok for events like this, but we want to make sure we have some idea of how many W.I.R. is donating which include our events. No sales tax for straight donations
  • Bergstrom no longer has Roger Schneider, so there has been some confusion about the amount of their night, due to new personnel in charge in place of Roger Schneider.
  • Team Driving on 1/2 mile: Would like to check verbiage for other tracks before finalizing this. We will make sure we have some rules…sign up before the season, and same car, etc.
  • Next week Tuesday there will be a meeting with division reps, tech crew at 5th Q at 4pm. April 4th and  Jason Shultz will make sure the rules will be finalized and put on the website.
  • Hank Calmes mentioned the Big Event for kids in Green Bay at Shopko Hall is coming up Aril 8th. We need a car, as the Calmes team will not be able to have their car there.
  • Hank Calmes mentioned that he feels the club has the weight rules right with the sealed motors and many people are saying this on Facebook in chatter.
  • Jim Duchow mentioned he attended a promoters meeting for all the tracks in the State (dirt and asphalt) Greg McKarns mentioned he wants to get a competition committee together this fall to try to get tracks on the same page with rules. He was wondering if this does happen if Jim might want to chair the committee. Jim said he will think about it being on it, but not sure bout chairing it. The main goal for promoters is to sell tickets, as there just isn’t a lot of traveling drivers these days.
  • Dave Stammer said he thinks Duke FM isn’t the right way to go, as he feels WAPL did more for us. We have already weighed out our options and are going with DUKE FM again this year. Roger did throw $750 towards DUKE FM
  • Dreher is doing every night again for the fan giveaway; Scott Vanden Huevel will be doing 5 nights again.
  • Mike Butz said with his 141 Speedway sponsor, he can get us free passes to give away to fans.
  • Louis Goss asked about 50/50. The nightly sponsor usually gets to pick the charity for 50/50 in the stands. There is a back-up list in case someone backs out
Adjourn The motion to adjourn was made by Mike Clancy   seconded by  Mike Anthony Meeting adjourned at   7:40 pm. Next Meeting is on April 24th, 2017 at 7pm at the Darboy Club


ATTENTION SPORTS/MOTORSPORTS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   FOX RIVER RACING CLUB WELL REPRESENTED AT NEW MOTORAMA MARCH 31-APRIL 2   (Green Bay, WI)  –No less than seven race cars that will compete Thursday nights at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna in 2017 will be on display at the third annual NEW MOTORAMA show March 31 thru April 2 at Shopko Hall and the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena in Green Bay.   Defending WIR super late model champion Jeff Van Oudenhoven of Appleton will debut his brand new race car.   Others in attendance will be defending late model champion Braison Bennett of Neenah. Bennett was recently selected as one of seven drivers in the United States to partake in the Kulwicki Driver Development Program (KDDP). Others who will show off their bright, shiny new machines include Jake Carpenter of Ashwaubenon, Corey “Rainman” Manders of Hilbert, Randy Yaeger of Appleton, Taylor Haufschildt of Wrightstown and Michael Anthony of Appleton.   Local motorsports author Joe Verdegan will have book signings all three days for his copies of “Wisconsin International Raceway – Where The Big Ones Run” and “Life In The Past Lane – a history of stock car racing in Northeast Wisconsin from 1950 through 1980.” Verdegan will be joined by at the signing by former Alan Kulwicki crew/car chief Mike Randerson, Kimberly’s Roger “The Bear” Regeth and a pair of multi-time WIR track champions:  Lowell Bennett of Neenah and Green Bay native Scott Hansen.   According to show organizer Rick Paulick more than 200 vendors, bikes, boats, show cars and other motorized vehicles will be on display during the three day event.   The show hours will be Friday 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.   For more information on the show you can contact Paulick at newmotorama@gmail.com.   The website is www.newmotorama.com.  You can check out Northeast Wisconsin Motorama on Facebook as well.  The GPS address for Shopko Hall is 1901 S. Oneida Street, Green Bay, WI 54304.  The Facebook search is Northeast Wisconsin Motorama.