March Meeting Minutes

GENERAL MEETING NOTES DATE:  Monday, March 27, 2017 TIME:  7 pm PLACE: The Darboy Club President Jim Duchow called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm  Clint Smith gave the Secretary’s report.  Daryl Hess mentioned that LM drivers want 4 tires the first week, then rotating between 2 tires and then 1 tire and continue that way for the rest of the season.  Motion to accept made by George Korth, seconded by Mike Butz   .  Majority of members said “agree”. Nobody said “oppose.” Motion Carried. Pat Roeser gave the Treasurer's report.    Motion to accept made by Rob Vandermoss, seconded by Gordie Sannes Jr.   Majority of members said “agree” Nobody was “opposed”. Motion carried. OLD
  • Sport Truck contract will be signed tonight by all officer
  • Hauser Benefit: FRRC is donating a season pass and  W.I.R. is also donating a season pass.
Terry Korth inquired as to how many passes Roger can donate for passes which include our events? Pat mentioned that we do try to keep tabs on this and are ok for events like this, but we want to make sure we have some idea of how many W.I.R. is donating which include our events. No sales tax for straight donations
  • Bergstrom no longer has Roger Schneider, so there has been some confusion about the amount of their night, due to new personnel in charge in place of Roger Schneider.
  • Team Driving on 1/2 mile: Would like to check verbiage for other tracks before finalizing this. We will make sure we have some rules…sign up before the season, and same car, etc.
  • Next week Tuesday there will be a meeting with division reps, tech crew at 5th Q at 4pm. April 4th and  Jason Shultz will make sure the rules will be finalized and put on the website.
  • Hank Calmes mentioned the Big Event for kids in Green Bay at Shopko Hall is coming up Aril 8th. We need a car, as the Calmes team will not be able to have their car there.
  • Hank Calmes mentioned that he feels the club has the weight rules right with the sealed motors and many people are saying this on Facebook in chatter.
  • Jim Duchow mentioned he attended a promoters meeting for all the tracks in the State (dirt and asphalt) Greg McKarns mentioned he wants to get a competition committee together this fall to try to get tracks on the same page with rules. He was wondering if this does happen if Jim might want to chair the committee. Jim said he will think about it being on it, but not sure bout chairing it. The main goal for promoters is to sell tickets, as there just isn’t a lot of traveling drivers these days.
  • Dave Stammer said he thinks Duke FM isn’t the right way to go, as he feels WAPL did more for us. We have already weighed out our options and are going with DUKE FM again this year. Roger did throw $750 towards DUKE FM
  • Dreher is doing every night again for the fan giveaway; Scott Vanden Huevel will be doing 5 nights again.
  • Mike Butz said with his 141 Speedway sponsor, he can get us free passes to give away to fans.
  • Louis Goss asked about 50/50. The nightly sponsor usually gets to pick the charity for 50/50 in the stands. There is a back-up list in case someone backs out
Adjourn The motion to adjourn was made by Mike Clancy   seconded by  Mike Anthony Meeting adjourned at   7:40 pm. Next Meeting is on April 24th, 2017 at 7pm at the Darboy Club

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