(KAUKAUNA, WISCONSIN) – Fremont’s Dylan Wenzel will be gunning for his fourth super stock title in six years when the Fox River Racing Club kicks off its 42nd year of hosting Thursday night races at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna May 18.   The second-generation driver captured the titles on the quarter-mile paved oval in ’12, ‘13 and ‘16. Last season Wenzel was one of the few drivers in the top ten in points who did not utilize the “team driving” concept with two drivers battling for points. “(The drivers) typically do it if they aren’t available to race every week,” said Wenzel. “It gives them the opportunity to still race for a track championship.”   For 2017 Wenzel will wheel the same car he’s raced for several seasons. “(Our chassis) is a home built car from 2008,” Wenzel said.  “We’ve had pretty good luck with it over the years.”   In chasing a super stock title at WIR the relatively flat, quarter-mile paved oval can prove to be challenging in more ways than one.  “To start with it’s very hard to pass on,” Wenzel admitted. “You have to be able to run on the top, outside groove if you want to get to the front. The features are only 20 laps so there isn’t a lot a lot of time to get through traffic. You’ve really got to pick and choose your moments when you are going to push through the field.”   With passing tough to come by what makes it even tougher is starting deep in the field. Last year Wenzel nailed down seven fast qualifying awards. “With the invert start for the features the fast qualifier rolls the die and that number plus eight is your starting spot if you get fast time,” said Wenzel. “Points are paid to the top ten in qualifying each night. It’s a real toss-up because you have to qualify well because you cannot afford to give up those points. The downside is you start behind all those guys in the feature.”   For Wenzel the quest for another track crown won’t get any easier. “Jessie Van Roy and Craig Vandewettering will be fast again and George Schwalbach and Terry Van Roy too,” Wenzel said of the foes in his division. “I think Alex Seidl will be tough this year. He had been getting quicker and quicker last season. He’s got a bright young future. Andy Casavante is also very tough in our class as well. It won’t be easy.”   Before the Thursday night Thunder opener on May 18 Wenzel will join some of his quarter-mile cohorts by playing on the half-mile with the sportsman in support of the TUNDRA super late model series opener at WIR. “It’s a lot of fun and a completely different animal running that half-mile,” admitted Wenzel. “You don’t realize how fast you’re going until you’re heading into the backstretch going into turn three.”   Racing on the 18th gets underway at 6:45 p.m. The annual FRRC Tech and Practice day will be held Saturday May 6 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Spectator admission is free that day.   For more information please check the club’s website at frrcracing.net. You can also follow the FRRC on its Facebook page.WENZEL AIMS FOR FOURTH WIR SUPER STOCK TITLE

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