April Meeting Minutes

GENERAL MEETING NOTES DATE:Monday, April 24, 2017TIME: 7 pm PLACE: The Darboy Club President Jim Duchow called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm Clint Smith gave the Secretary’s report. Motion to accept made by, Larry MacArthur seconded by Randy Schuler. Majority of members said “agree”. Nobody said “oppose.” Motion Carried. Pat Roeser gave the Treasurer’s report. We are still having issues getting the correct amount from Bergstrom for their night. We are starting the season off better $$ wise, as we are sending out invoices with the contracts this year and people are sending them back way sooner Motion to accept made by, Gordie Sannes, Jr. seconded by Mike Butz Majority of members said “agree” Nobody was “opposed”. Motion carried. OLD • Officers are meeting with Roger this Thursday at 5th Quarter to discuss various things. • Tire rules updated and will be on the website soon. • Team driving is allowed in ALL divisions this year. It must be submitted by week one directly to the Club Secretary. You must be in the same car and points will go to primary driver. • Jim mentioned for future years, we may want to consider if we are getting anything back for ANY radio advertising. However, we did get more tickets turned in from fan giveaways from DUKE than we did in the past from WAPL. Pat will now mark the ticket giveaways with the emblem (ex: DUKE FM logo right on the ticket) • We are planning on putting about 4 picnic tables in the pits, so people can sit down occasionally. • Jack Effertz came up front and said there will be one extra security staff working this year to help police this. If we catch someone (a crew member), they will be escorted up to pay properly at the top gate. They will not be allowed back in the pits. After week one if this happens, your whole race team will load up and can home. • Also, no more standing on the hill or siting on the grass between Larry and the spotter stand any more, unless you are a spotter. This is so we can police this better. There have seen too many people in the past trying to watch the races for free. • Tom Gee will also be helping enforce the wristbands this year to make sure we don’t have freeloaders. Mike Butz suggested mentioning it at all the drives meetings, which we will do NEW • Jim asked for feedback on where to go for future Fall meetings and as of now, we will be continue having meetings at the 5th Quarter • Jack Effertz came up front about considering possibly adding an Instant Replay option. This would be something to consider for the future, but we are not considering this for this year. We would have to be quick on this during caution laps. The IT person from Kimberly High School would be our expert that could set this up for us. Brad Strelka said Kalamazoo Speedway does it, so if we do go in that direction, we should reach out to them for advice. • We do want to discuss a better spot for the 3rd turn spotter. The current spot is not a good vantage point. We will talk to Roger about this on Thursday. • We still want to try our hardest to get the program done early again this year. • Tech Day is May 6h this year…Tom Gee will be collecting $20 per car. If you JUST want to have your car teched but not run laps, you can come and have us do that for free. We want to keep things rolling this year, as there has been a lot of down time the last few years. • Max Schultz brought up the question about people/travelers coming in and practicing in all day on a Thursday. We will talk to Roger about this. • Randy Schuler asked if we could do a points fund and no plan B this year. Andy Monday also mentioned that he feels this something to re-consider. Jim mentioned that we will talk about it the first couple weeks at driver’s meetings and then take it for a vote at the third meeting. Mike Anthony mentioned that some people liked having the money week to week instead of the end of the year. • Evan Beattie mentioned that the LM tread width looks wrong on the website. Brent Strelka said LM s is supposed to be 66 and Big Eight cars 65. We will look into this. It will be teched the same as last year…we didn’t change it. Adjourn The motion to adjourn was made by Mike Clancy seconded by Chuck Gilbertson Meeting adjourned at 7:49 pm. Next Meeting is on September 25th, 2017 at 7pm location TBD…..likely 5th Quarter

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