2014 Fox River Racing Club Season Schedule


Thur. May 22  Times-Villager Season Opener

Thur. May 29   AC Delco Night

Thur. June  5  Bergstrom Ford/Lincoln Of The Valley Night

Thur. June 12 Budweiser/WAPL/L&S Electric RED RACE ( Big Wheel Race’s)

Thur. June 19  Weld Specialty Supply Night

Thur. June 26  Werner Electric Supply Night

Thur  July  3 Stockbridge Engineering/Alro Steel/Joe Schnieder Memorial (Fireworks)

Thur. July 10  PCMC Night

Thur. July 17 Budweiser/WAPL/Vanderloop Equipment/WHITE RACE (Coin Drop)

Thur. July 24  Kurz Electric Night

Thur. July 31 Standard Electric Night

Thur. Aug.7 Al Huss Auto&Truck/Valley Gasket Night

Thur.Aug.14 Budweiser/WAPL/NAPA Auto Parts BLUE RACE (Big Wheel Race’s)

Thur. Aug 21 Y-100/ Schenck SC Night

Thur. Aug. 28  Valley Liquor Fan Appreciation Night (FREE Beer & Corn)


Nightly order of events for the Thursday Night racing events at Wisconsin International Raceway


DRIVERS MEETINGS:4:40pm For inner pits

Attendance/representation is MANDATORY

Pre-race Order of events
4:30pm sport truck hot laps/qualifying
4:45pm-Super stock hot laps
4:55pm Sizzlin’ 4 hot laps (split into 2 groups)

5:05pm Late model (LLM) practice—hot laps and scuff
5:25pm-Super Late Model practice—-hot laps and scuff
5:45pm-Late Model (LLM) qualifying
6:00pm-Super Late model qualifying
6:25pm-Super Stock Qualifying
6:35pm FRRC4Kids presentation/Interview fast qualifiers
6:42pm—6:43pm—National Anthem
6:45pm -Races start !!!!!

Racing Order of Events:

(time limits of 1 minute per lap and 2 caution limit are in play for ALL heat races)
All divisions must be ready to roll at least one race ahead of time, to keep the program moving. If this doesn’t happen, your race may be skipped.

HEAT RACES (single file restarts for all heats, with increased speed coming out of turn 4)
Sport truck heats—-8 laps
Super stock heats 8 laps
SIZZLIN 4 odd/even heats 8 laps
Late model (LLM) heats 8 laps
Late Model (LLM) dash 6 laps
Super Late model heats 8 laps
Super Late model dash 6 laps

FEATURES (2 double file/pick a lane restarts for all features and semi’s; none after 5 laps to go….)
Super stock semi-feature -12 laps (if needed)
Sizzlin 4 semi-feature 8 laps (need 25 or more cars to have a semi feature) (top 4 transfer)
Super stock feature 20 laps
Sport truck feature 20 laps
SIZZLIN 4 FEATURE!!!! 15 LAPS—If more than 25 cars, it is 16 + 4 transfers. If less than 25 cars, no semi and all cars are in the feature. Inversion is 10 + dice roll (done by the tower) all the rest of the heat cars that qualified into the feature will fall in line behind the inversion—1st restart double file, second restart single file, third caution=end of race…)
Late Model (LLM) semi-feature 12 laps
Super Late Model semi-feature 15 laps
Late Model (LLM) Feature 20 laps
Super Late Model Feature—-35 laps
Figure Eights 10 laps (Unless more than 10 cars are signed in before the drivers meeting)

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