Meeting Minutes


DATE:  Monday,  October 24,  2016                                    TIME:  7 pm

PLACE: The Darboy Club

President  Jim Duchow called the meeting to order  at  7:02 pm

Bill Fischer is now home from the hospital !!! Roger VD is also recovering well from his surgery.

Clint Smith gave the Secretary’s report.

Motion to accept made by Mike Clancy , seconded by  Rob Vandermoss     .

Majority of members said “agree”. Nobody said “oppose.” Motion Carried.

Jim mentioned that Larry Raygo is willing to join the committee on contract reviews. The date will be announced soon…..possibly November 1st…If not, it will be soon.

Pat Roeser gave the Treasurer’s report. He also had copies of a printed financial statement he handed out for everyone to review. B pay plan cost $13,000, plus the $7,000 Sales Tax Audit, and there was more.

Dreher Collision also informed Pat they will ONLY be doing the fan give away, but not the pole award any longer.

Motion to accept made by Mike Butz , seconded by  Mitch Heimlich                        .

Majority of members said “agree” Nobody was “opposed”. Motion carried.


  • Banquet  Summary: it went very well. We don’t have the exact bill from Darboy Club yet, but we have our numbers  which should be the same as theirs, as we know how many people were actually served. Entertainment was great and very affordable and they agreed to sign on for next year. Beer sponsors were Mike Meyerhofer Jr./Jake Carpenter Racing; Bud Collar and Team 45 Racing.

People mentioned that it went well….there was no CAN DO award, in an attempt to cut down on the amount                 of plaques and cost

  • Final write in Nominations for Treasurer and Vice President; thus far we have:

Vice President—Nominated and Accepted Nominations:  Tom Gee, Jr

Still accepting write ins…(Kyle Quella was nominated last meeting, but was not present-he has since that time declined)  

Jerry Schneider was nominated for VP…he mentioned that the contract with Roger is nowhere near what it used to be 8 years ago. He feels whomever is the VP should know what we need to get back.

Jerry said the top gate was 7.5% when he was president, and the back gate was 0% at the back gate for R, W and B. Jerry simply said we need to go back to Roger and get back what it used to be. Jerry turned down his nomination.

Mitch talked about his opinion on it. He said a couple years ago Roger asked for an inflation increase, which was the first time in 17 years he asked for this to increase. Everyone’s bills go up.

Jim mentioned that this is what the committee is going to review and request for changes from Roger.


Treasurer—Nominated and Accepted nomination —Mitch Heimlich

Still accepting write ins….Pat Roeser was nominated by Jack Effertz. (he accepted the nomination)

No more nominations.

Speeches took place for both positions.

Voting took place

Final votes that count were

V.P-Tom Ge Jr 58 votes————-

Tom Gee Jr is the New VP

Treasurer- Pat Roeser 54 Mitch Heimlich 11———-

Pat Roeser will remain the Treasurer for the next 2 years.

Jeffrey Sachse had some departing words. While he enjoyed the last few years as the VP, he also has other things going on and is asking for younger people to step up in the future and run for office.

Jim Duchow mentioned he met with Joe Verdeghan and he will likely start getting more involved with the FRRC in the future, but will not be able to give us a definitive decision until January 1st. Jason Shultz might also be taking over the website. We should have an answer soon from him.


  •   RULES meetings  update…SLM one occurred on 10.17.16 (Very few changes suggested—-the officers will meet to finalize things) The next two will be at the 5th quarter:  (Wednesday)  LM: 11/9/16  7pm,  (Thursday)   SS: 11/17/16 7pm and S4/F8 TBD
  •  Contract/business review meeting will likely be 11/1/16 at  7pm at the 5th Quarter;

Still finalizing the date.

  • Procedural discussions: shifting is not outlawed in the rulebook…something we should talk further about. Lots of other topics will be discussed next month…


The motion to adjourn was made by Mike Clancy ,   seconded by  Rob Vandermoss

Meeting adjourned at 8:40  pm.

Next Meeting is on Monday, November 28th 2016 at 7pm at the Darboy Club

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