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GENERAL MEETING NOTES DATE: Monday, November 27, 2017 TIME:  7 pm PLACE: The Fifth Quarter President Tom Gee, Jr. called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm   Clint Smith gave the Secretary’s report.  Motion to accept made by Dennis Chase, seconded by Gordie Sannes. Motion Carried. ======================================================================== Tom Gee, Jr. gave the Treasurer’s report. All sponsors have paid. Motion to accept made by Gordie Sannes, seconded by Braison Bennett.    Motion carried. Hank Calmes asked if we can get a monthly print out each month in the future. Tom said he would request this of Pat for next month. OLD
  • Still have trophies left over. Please come up and get them.
  • Lifetime members. It does not say anything about them getting a free meal in the bylaws. The actual current lifetime members getting in free, but most lifetime members are also employees, so they would get in free anyway. The actual bylaws say that lifetime members get in free to the RACES, not the PITS, so lifetime members can get in free up top to watch the races, but if they want a PIT PASS, considering the differential based on percentages and we would charge $5 per person for a pit pass/free for the top gate. W.I.R and FRRC are both working to tighten up the “freebies list” as there needs to be a reason why someone gets in free. Even vendors should have to pay entry into the pits.
  • W.I.R. is considering adding security cameras at the front gate. This will give us more protection with the amount of $$ going through the gate, as well as security/protection for the workers.
  • W.I.R. Contract update….W.I.R. would prefer we do NOT skip the Thursday after the Dixieland race and on the recommended schedule, that Thursday would be the Blue race, as the Dixieland is almost a week later than usual. Percentages will stay the same. W.I.R. has requested an increase in the nightly rent of the track. We are considering a $250 increase in this, but nothing has been finalized. They want to use some of this towards advertising.
  • We also requested that the long wire to get raised on the ½ mile so it doesn’t get taken out by a big rig.
  • W.I.R. does not want to skip the race after the Dixieland race, and as the proposed schedule has the Dixieland race later than usual. So, the Blue race is tentatively being considered for August 9th. Kyle Calmes asked if we could consider the week before that, but Tom explained that we might have too many of our own specials back to back now that we are adding the sport mods weeks. Schedule update (sport mods the week after each leg of R, W and B races)
  • We are trying to clean up the verbiage in the contract about damages to the rack (Fences, etc)
  • We are also considering charging rent to outside race series that want to use our equipment.
  • Dave Stammer asked about our insurance and what facility damage might be covered in there. We can look into this.
  • Dan and Ginger had a meeting with Steve at KK Insurance and he gave them the impression that the amount will stay similar to last year, or it might go down slightly, as we are splitting up the KK Insurance policies into 3 of them (FRRC, W.I.R. circle track and W.I.R. dragstrip)
  • Contract: On rainout nights we typically only pay half our employees’ wages, etc. but it previously said we pay full rent. We are wanting this to change to half rent in the future for rainouts.
  • Tire update. Dan VD signed an agreement with Joe from Racetech, as the track gets to decide the tire vendor and this has been decided on already on a 3 year contract. Taylor Haufschildt suggested if Joe is the tire guy that he should take the old tires and dispose of them. Tom Gee said he wasn’t sure if this is mentioned in the contract or not. Ethan Beattie asked if ¼ mile cars get tires or not. This is a question for Racetech and W.I.R. Jim Duchow said in the past it was ONLY 1/2 mile cars getting the tires.
  • We haven’t decided if we are mandating that the tires be purchased from Racetech, as we did not take part in signing the tire contract. That contract is between Racetech and W.I.R.
  • Lowell Bennett asked if the extra rubber would be considered to be put back on the tire. They claimed to Tom that putting the extra on it would blister more. Brent Strelka said there are several different stories that are being told by Hoosier. It does not sound like they want to change the tire.
  • TIRES: SLM will stay on 35/45--- LM’s D-800’s this year; SS likely on D-800s and we will likely let them run off old previous tires.
  • RULES meetings will be run similar to last year;
  • They will all be at Lake Park Pub and are scheduled as follows:
(This will be posted on the website and Facebook soon) Thursday, 12/14/17…..6:30-7:30pm  4 cylinder and 7:30-9pm Super Stock Drivers and/or Team Rep Thursday, 12/21/17…..6:30-7:30pm SLM and 7:30-9pm Late Model; Drivers and/or Team Rep Figure Eights will meet privately and propose the rules to us with safety as the #1 priority and to try to match them up closer with Slinger rules. We are also considering removing the big mound in the Figure Eight X and putting different things there to improve vantage point. The flagman will also no longer be in the X. We are deciding where they will stand in the future.
  • We are looking at ways of cutting expenses; We are looking at everything including reducing payroll. Mike Bunnell combed through this and we are looking to try to cut $350 from our nighty expenses. We are looking at all positions and making sure they are all still needed.
  • Hank Calmes asked how payroll went up $6,000 from the year before. Jim Duchow mentioned that the ½ mile tech guys got raises and Tom added that we also had an extra week for staff payouts from the year before.
  • Tom Gee talked about considering possible payouts and whether we can adjust them at all. Andy Monday asked if the club truly needs to pay the fast qualifier if Dreher continues to sponsor this. If it is a driver that cannot take the sponsor $$, then the FRRC should still pay this out. Hank Calmes mentioned that we should not consider adding money into any payouts until we know the club can handle what we had last year and also that we should add back in the competitor fee this year. Tom said we will add that fee back in this year.
  • Hank Calmes asked if maybe the freebies list could be something that the FRRC members should get to see.
  • Lowell Bennett mentioned that the Red, White Blue races need to be something special again. This is something we can discuss in depth in the future meetings.
  • Advertising: Brent Strelka asked if we spent any money on advertising last year. We spent approximately $4,000 in advertising last year. Tom mentioned that using social media is free and we can do a better job with this next year.
  • Budweiser only wants to offer $3,000 for sponsorship next year. So we are currently looking for a NEW Red, White and Blue sponsor. We would like for them to now do the last night with Valley Liquor night (Budweiser fan appreciation night sponsored by Valley Liquor).This way we could still allow us to put someone in the pavilion.
  • We pursued Tundraland, but this didn’t work. We are looking at Festival next and have some other ideas. Jim Duchow mentioned that if we are not having any mandating of radio advertising, we are smarter with reducing this. Tom mentioned we are considering possibly not doing any radio advertising next year. Free ticket giveaways are better ways of getting people out to the track, which might be more productive than radio advertising.
  • It was suggested that we give tickets to kids at schools. Even though they get in free, they will try to get their parents to drag them to the track.
  • Joe Verdegan will be back doing promo work with us this year. Also, this Saturday, from noon-3pm at Titletown Brewery in GB he will have his new book release.
  • 1/4 Mile LM’s will meet with officers soon to discuss this division. Jim Duchow came up and gave a short update on the advisory board. Jim said they have a points system and have over $5,000 in sponsors that will support $100 to start $250 to win based on a 14 car field. The goal from the advisory board is to have a contract similar to the Sport Truck club. Jim mentioned that there are other tracks considering starting a 602 crate motor division and/or series (Dells and Wausau) There is some talk from (UMA tracks) Lensings and Wimmers about possibly starting a new series. Jim feels at some point they will get to the 14 car field. At this point, we are thinking about the opener, R, W and B, and an additional night and the 2nd to last night. So, right now we are shooting for at least 6 times and if the car count is up, possibly additional nights. Brad Strelka asked if there were ways and weight breaks to get more cars. Jim said this is being tossed around.
  • Dan Strong has DVD’s here for anyone who is interested after the meeting.
Adjourn The motion to adjourn was made by Andy Monday seconded by Hank Calmes Meeting adjourned at 8:19 pm. Next Meeting is on January 22nd, 2018 at 7pm location: 5Th Quarter
  GENERAL MEETING NOTES DATE: Monday, October 23, 2017 TIME: 7 pm PLACE: The Fifth Quarter President Tom Gee, Jr. called the meeting to order at 7:01pm Clint Smith gave the Secretary’s report. Motion to accept made by Andy Monday, seconded by Mike Anthony. Motion Carried. Pat Roeser gave the Treasurer’s report. Banquet was a success and we were able to provide a sizable check to the Wohlrabe family. We still are waiting to receive $$$ from a couple unpaid sponsors. Jim Duchow asked/clarified how much Werner still owes……this was for their extra tickets. Werner will get their rainout next year Motion to accept made by Lowell Bennett, seconded by Mike Butz. Motion carried. OLD Banquet update: we have some left over trophies and sponsors plaques. Please come up and get them if they are connected to your team or you live close by. Additional Nominations for Secretary and President; thus far we have. President—Nominated and Accepted Nominations: Tom Gee, Jr; Rob Vandermoss Others nominated and undecided: Marty Nussbaum Marty Nussbaum and Rob Vandermoss both declined their nominations. Write Ins: none Secretary---Nominated and Accepted nomination —Clint Smith Write Ins: none Voting starts. There were very few votes done, as there were no eligible candidates other then he accepted nominations. A VERY brief election was done. The final count; President Tom Gee, Jr 1; there were no announced write in votes. Secretary Clint Smith 1; there were no announced write in votes. NEW Dan Strong has divisional DVD’s for sale for $15 each.$5 goes to Dan for his time, $5 goes to the club and $5 goes to the Wohlrabe family. Festival Foods had some events promoting their products and we had several drivers that showed up and Andy Monday spoke to one of their managers about possibly sponsoring us in some way Budweiser told Tom they may have more changes and there might be a future reduction in what $$ they are offering. We may have to look at all options for this, as well as entertaining more new sponsors. Sport Mods…would like to do some sort of triple crown possibly the week after the R, W and B nights. Employee reviews: will look as ways to cut some expenses. We will also look at the “freebies” list from FRRC and W.I.R and work to reduce this. Radios---we may need to look to Bud from Race-Com for possibly fixing them or replacing some of them. RULES meetings will be run similar to past years; dates to be decided soon We would like to go back to a 15 week season the Thursday before Memorial Day until the end of August, which is 15 weeks. Advisory vote for possibly taking the Thursday after the Dixieland Race off, as that week we typically have a lower crowd every year. Dave Stammer mentioned we would have one less sponsor, but Pat Roeser said we typically don’t have a pavilion sponsor for the last night, so we would likely not have to skip any sponsors. ADVISORY VOTE: FOR taking night off---35 NOT for taking the night off---16 No Plan B next year…we will review what the payouts currently are and possibly make some small adjustments. There will only be ONE payout plan, besides R,W and B Throwback nights were not good $$ nights. The amount of fans did not go up significant enough to offset the cost. We will likely keep the $12 gate and do the sport mods the week after R, W and B. instead to help boost those following weeks. Lowell Bennett said that currently the R W and B are just adding 15 extra laps, but other than that it is the same as a weekly event. Pat Roeser mentioned that we still want the memorial races to honor our history, but we want them all to be 35 laps and ONLY R, W and B to be 50 laps. Dennis Chase asked about what we would do about rainouts for sport mods nights…would they be the following week. Joe will work on sponsors to pay the sport mods onto a 3 race deal. Pat Roeser explained how much we made on the sport mods nights. We ONLY paid each driver $50 per car. The rest ALL came from extra sponsors. Each driver brought at LEAST 1 other pit member, so we made money on them without even looking at the crowd count. Overall, the club made $6,800 that night. 2 rules meetings nights….. One night for SLM first and then LM after Second night for SS and Sizlin 4’s after Figure Eights will have their own discussion amongst themselves first and then we will get together with them. ADVISORY VOTE for RULES meetings 25 for 5th Quarter;;; 28 for Lake Park Pub We will do them at Lake Park Pub Topics from the floor Bing Bong mentioned that maybe the lifetime membership/free passes should be taken away. Otherwise we are losing money on a nightly basis at the gate. Mike Butz mentioned he agrees, as some people just can just be an officer for 2 years and then gets in free for life. Hank Calmes mentioned that he also agrees with this, as just at the banquet alone there were a lot of free meals. Tom explained that the banquet freebies were employees that worked, lifetime members, sponsors, officers, etc. Dennis Chase asked if we considered doubling up on some nights with sponsorships. He said we make a lot of money on these, especially if we have extra sponsors interested. Mike Butz said if we can get extra sponsors why not try to set those up. Dave Stammer just said make sure we have the language in the contract to reflect rain dates. Mike Butz asked about wall sponsors. That $$$ goes to W.I.R. Taylor Haufschildt mentioned that he did a lot of promotional things this year at Motorama and he said a lot of people don’t even know where we are or what nights we race. They also have digital billboards you can change weekly. Dave Stammer mentioned that we should look at making the R, W and B nights look different than normal nights. Mike Butz asked about the tire contract. We have not been a part of any meeting about the tires yet, but we are looking at all our options for next year. We are meeting with Greg McKarns soon with all the other promotors and would like to decide after that meeting what the FRRC will do next year for tires. Dennis Chase mentioned that the 35/45 tires have changed over the years. Hoosier will need to be approached about this. Brent Strelka said he spoke to Greg and he said they have said they can put some more rubber back on them. Tom will talk to Todd Thelan about the LM’s as they may be going to D-800 and SLM likely 35/45. Jim Duchow mentioned he is pretty sure Big Eight and Slinger LM’s are running the D-800. Brent Strelka said the Dells runs this tire, as well. Dennis Chase asked if there is someone from the club going or not to Greg;s meeting. Tom said it sounds like a 2 day deal with a hotel room. So, we are still deliberating. Adjourn The motion to adjourn was made by Sawyer Effertz seconded by Kyle Calmes Meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm. Next Meeting is on November 27th , 2017 at 7pm location: 5Th Quarter
GENERAL MEETING NOTES DATE: Monday, September 25, 2017 TIME: 7 pm PLACE: The Fifth Quarter President Tom Gee, Jr. called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm Clint Smith gave the Secretary’s report. Motion to accept made by Marty Nussbaum, seconded by Larry MacArthur. Motion Carried. Pat Roeser gave the Treasurer’s report. Motion to accept made by Kyle Calmes, seconded by Rob Vandermoss. Motion carried. Mark Ritger mentioned that the early weeks really hurt the club and the week after 4th of July. Jim Duchow also mentioned that we waived the competitor fee, which was a $2,000 loss. Andy Monday mentioned that increasing the lower divisions car counts help the overall money status of the club. Mike Butz asked if we broke even last year on the banquet? Pat mentioned that all things considered, we are at close to break-even at the end of this year. Moment of silence for Jeff Wohlrabe taken… OLD We would like to thank Dan George for helping out policing anyone without wristbands. We want to thank Joe Verdegan for all the hard work he did promoting the FRRC last year. We want to brainstorm with him on how we can promote even more next year. We would like to thank Dan Strong for helping at the back gate and also for his work with Andy Monday and Matt Panure in doing the podcasts…We are hoping to do live broadcasts during the winter at different local sponsor’s locations. Increased car counts are great; but we need improved fan count. Need to use social media the right way to self-promote our product. Congrats to all our champions Banquet Update: $25 per ticket ($5 to the Wohlrabe family) Looking for banquet sponsors. $250 for beer. When the beer is gone, everyone is on their own. Nominations accepted for President: Tom Gee and Rob Vandermoss. Marty Nussbaum is undecided Nominations accepted for Secretary: Clint Smith Write ins still accepted at next meeting NEW Rules meetings will be set up at the October meeting, as we will have the new officers by then. Jerry Schneider suggested we start a Hall of Fame for W.I.R/FRRC: He would like to get a committee together to discuss this. We would like to get sponsors to pay for the Hall of Fame. Thus far volunteer members are Jerry, Clint Smith and Marty Nussbaum. Marty suggested we retire the #13 for the Figure Eights class. Jerry Schneider asked about how long a retired number stands as retired. Unsure at this time. Figure Eight races possibly considered as being 13 laps from now on. We will vote on this. Hank Calmes suggested unless there is extra money put forth by the sponsor, the races should be 35 laps. We will discuss this over the winter. Mark Ritger wants to be a member and asked to be a liaison between Slinger and W.I.R. Mark Ritger had mentioned that he really thinks we should bring in sport mods for more than one week. Randy Schuler suggested we try to go back to a 15 week season. We will take that under advisement. Topics from the floor Ed Manders asked what we are going to do about the LM Class. He said the motor rule was unfair. Kyle Calmes suggested taking out some heat races on Red, White and Blue races and add in the sport mods. We are thinking about doing the week after each event, as we would like to keep the ¼ mile LM’s on the R, W and B nights. Tom said he has a lot of great ideas on how to make good business decisions to increase the club funds. Mike Butz suggested having certain drivers go up in the stands to sign autographs…we could set up a table for folks to meet some of the new drivers. Hank Calmes mentioned that fans in the stands are paying customers. He said everyone needs to be more polite and respectful. Credit Card machine worked really well this year. It is very convenient for the fans. Jack Effertz came up front and spoke about the instant replay system. He mentioned a couple teams have gotten together about $2,000 to go towards it. Could be used to confirm a call. We are not sure how it would work or who would watch it. We can have the guy come and talk about it if the club is willing to listen to it. There are certain things that it could be used for and other things it couldn’t under green flag conditions. We would also look at the longevity of the bills to maintain it if we decided to go in that direction. Raise of hands advisory vote and majority didn’t want the gentlemen to come and do the presentation. Adjourn The motion to adjourn was made by Mike King Jr seconded by Larry MacArthur Meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm. Next Meeting is on October+ 23th, 2017 at 7pm location: 5Th Quarter ------------------------------------------------- GENERAL MEETING NOTES  DATE:  Monday,  October 24,  2016                                    TIME:  7 pm PLACE: The Darboy Club President  Jim Duchow called the meeting to order  at  7:02 pm Bill Fischer is now home from the hospital !!! Roger VD is also recovering well from his surgery. Clint Smith gave the Secretary’s report. Motion to accept made by Mike Clancy , seconded by  Rob Vandermoss     . Majority of members said “agree”. Nobody said “oppose.” Motion Carried. Jim mentioned that Larry Raygo is willing to join the committee on contract reviews. The date will be announced soon…..possibly November 1st…If not, it will be soon. Pat Roeser gave the Treasurer's report. He also had copies of a printed financial statement he handed out for everyone to review. B pay plan cost $13,000, plus the $7,000 Sales Tax Audit, and there was more. Dreher Collision also informed Pat they will ONLY be doing the fan give away, but not the pole award any longer. Motion to accept made by Mike Butz , seconded by  Mitch Heimlich                        . Majority of members said “agree” Nobody was “opposed”. Motion carried. OLD
  • Banquet  Summary: it went very well. We don’t have the exact bill from Darboy Club yet, but we have our numbers  which should be the same as theirs, as we know how many people were actually served. Entertainment was great and very affordable and they agreed to sign on for next year. Beer sponsors were Mike Meyerhofer Jr./Jake Carpenter Racing; Bud Collar and Team 45 Racing.
People mentioned that it went well….there was no CAN DO award, in an attempt to cut down on the amount                 of plaques and cost
  • Final write in Nominations for Treasurer and Vice President; thus far we have:
Vice President—Nominated and Accepted Nominations:  Tom Gee, Jr Still accepting write ins…(Kyle Quella was nominated last meeting, but was not present-he has since that time declined)   Jerry Schneider was nominated for VP…he mentioned that the contract with Roger is nowhere near what it used to be 8 years ago. He feels whomever is the VP should know what we need to get back. Jerry said the top gate was 7.5% when he was president, and the back gate was 0% at the back gate for R, W and B. Jerry simply said we need to go back to Roger and get back what it used to be. Jerry turned down his nomination. Mitch talked about his opinion on it. He said a couple years ago Roger asked for an inflation increase, which was the first time in 17 years he asked for this to increase. Everyone’s bills go up. Jim mentioned that this is what the committee is going to review and request for changes from Roger. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Treasurer---Nominated and Accepted nomination —Mitch Heimlich Still accepting write ins….Pat Roeser was nominated by Jack Effertz. (he accepted the nomination) No more nominations. Speeches took place for both positions. Voting took place Final votes that count were V.P-Tom Ge Jr 58 votes------------- Tom Gee Jr is the New VP Treasurer- Pat Roeser 54 Mitch Heimlich 11---------- Pat Roeser will remain the Treasurer for the next 2 years. Jeffrey Sachse had some departing words. While he enjoyed the last few years as the VP, he also has other things going on and is asking for younger people to step up in the future and run for office. Jim Duchow mentioned he met with Joe Verdeghan and he will likely start getting more involved with the FRRC in the future, but will not be able to give us a definitive decision until January 1st. Jason Shultz might also be taking over the website. We should have an answer soon from him. NEW
  •   RULES meetings  update…SLM one occurred on 10.17.16 (Very few changes suggested----the officers will meet to finalize things) The next two will be at the 5th quarter:  (Wednesday)  LM: 11/9/16  7pm,  (Thursday)   SS: 11/17/16 7pm and S4/F8 TBD
  •  Contract/business review meeting will likely be 11/1/16 at  7pm at the 5th Quarter;
Still finalizing the date.
  • Procedural discussions: shifting is not outlawed in the rulebook…something we should talk further about. Lots of other topics will be discussed next month…
Adjourn The motion to adjourn was made by Mike Clancy ,   seconded by  Rob Vandermoss Meeting adjourned at 8:40  pm. Next Meeting is on Monday, November 28th 2016 at 7pm at the Darboy Club

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